A unique resort that offers a vacation opportunity for dialysis patients and their families

Wishlist for 2019 (updated June 17, 2019)

We are always looking for help to improve the amenities we provide in our accommodations.

If sending a cheque, please indicate on your cheque the items you wish to be purchased or Funded.

New items only please!

We have a particular need for the following items:


 We would prefer to purchase the items here for service and warranty purposes

  • 2 clothes Washers (new or used in very good condition)
  • 2 clothes Dryers (new or used in very good condition)
  • Tractor (more funding required)
  • Oars, life jackets, paddles
  • 10 sets of steel picnic table legs (approx. $100.00 per set)

Rec Hall & Lounge Building

  • games (in good condition)

Kitchen Accessories

  • 10 New Fire extinguishers (wall hangers for cottage and efficiency units)
  • 6 New smoke detectors (hard wired)
  • 15 over the range microwave exhaust hoods. FUNDS FOR
  • 4 counter top microwaves
  • 5 – 30″ Refridgerators FUNDS FOR
  • 5 – 30″ Stoves (NOT self cleaning) FUNDS FOR


Community Center Kitchen

Nothing required at the present time.

Furniture (New or in very good condition)

  • Easy chairs for living area
  • bedside tables
  • End tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Lampshades (new, all sizes )

Bedroom (Funding for)

  • SPONSOR FOR 20 Bug & waterproof single bed covers
  • 30 pair white pillow cases
  •  Comforters or Quilts for double beds FUNDS FOR

Please No  afgans

Bathroom Accessories (funding for)

  • 3 toilets with insulated tanks (raised-wheelchair height)

Supplies (Funding to purchase supplies needed for yearly operations)

  • Cases of toilet paper single ply FUNDS FOR
  • Cases of paper towel (8 in no longer than 205 ft roll)FUNDS FOR
  • Garbage bags – large size H.D. 35 x 50
  • 10 snow shovels for cottages and units
  • 5 summer leaf rakes
  • 9 volt batteries for smoke detectors
  • AA & AAA batteries
  • Funding for Summer supply of Hot Dogs and Buns for Patients and their families. (weekly Pot Luck gathering)

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Lion Mariette Desjardine,
25319 Wood Rd
Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 3H6
Phone: 519-205-0437
Email: mariette.desjardine@gmail.com