A unique resort that offers a vacation opportunity for dialysis patients and their families

Dialysis Schedule

Who can come for a holiday?

The Camp has established “admission criteria”. A nephrologist must review each medical history and decide if their clients meet these criteria. This is important for everyone’s safety. If, in spite of these precautions, a medical emergency does occur, Camp Dorset’s nursing staff work closely with your home unit as well as the Huntsville Hospital Emergency Staff.

As with hemodialysis clients, those on Peritoneal Dialysis must also meet admission criteria. Because no nursing staff are present, PD clients must be able to perform their own exchanges or be accompanied by someone fully trained to do so. Although we do not provide supplies for PD clients, arrangements for storage of them is possible. Simply call your order in to your supplier & have them deliver it to Camp Dorset. We also have a limited number of scales & IV poles which we can provide if needed.

The summer schedule allocates each week’s resources to guests from specific regions of Ontario. If you are eligible to attend the camp, please check for your hospital or region in the calendar below to see which week your unit will be at Lions Camp Dorset.



Sunday (11am-3pm)

Sunday registration is in the Medical Centre office.

There you will be greeted and checked in by the Administrative Coordinator and any outstanding balances will be settled. Payments may be made in cash or by cheque only. For pricing information, please see Lodging.

At check-in you will be given:

  • A quick tour of the Medical Centre
  • A map of the Camp’s layout showing your accommodations for the week.

Check-in is a great time to drop off any medical supplies or paperwork that you have brought with you.

Check Out:

Saturday (by 10am)