A unique resort that offers a vacation opportunity for dialysis patients and their families

Medical Services

The Medical Centre is a key facility. Guests can receive dialysis while enjoying a holiday with their family.

Being somewhat remote, there is often a misconception that our facilities are as rugged as the environment in which we are located. We are often told how pleasantly surprised the visiting staff and clients are when they first see Camp Dorset’s medical centre.

The clinic is bright and airy, with up to sixteen hemodialysis stations and twenty Fresenius dialysis machines. We dialyze on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for up to two full shifts. This means we can accommodate up to 32 clients per treatment day.

Each week of the summer is set aside for one or more of the hemodialysis units in the province. On each of these weeks, the clinic is staffed by two Camp Dorset dialysis nurses, as well as staff from your home unit. This combination provides a reassuring familiarity to both first time and seasoned guests.

Some guests decide to stay elsewhere in the area but use the Camp’s dialysis facilities. Other guests, with pre-approval, can stay for a week other than their unit’s assigned week. In these cases, they are treated by capable staff.

Medical Centre

Medical Centre