A unique resort that offers a vacation opportunity for dialysis patients and their families

What to Bring

What do I need to bring? Here’s a list of some things that Lion’s Camp Dorset does provide.

  • Pillows
  • Mattress cover
  • Comforter/bedspread
  • Dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils
  • Pots & pans
  • Some toilet paper (extra would be advisable)
  • 1 flashlight
  • Electric fan
  • Life jackets
  • 2 lawn chairs
  • Firewood – no charge
  • 1 kitchen & 1 bathroom garbage bag
  • Radio/Alarm clock

Here is a list of some things to bring with you for your trip.
Keep in mind that some of these items are suggestions while others are to remind you of what Camp Dorset does NOT provide.

  • Medications – Be sure to have all necessary prescriptions filled
  • Hot Water Bottle or Heating Pad (not available at camp)
  • Bedding & Linens – your favorite pillow, sheets, bath towels etc.
  • Food – The town of Dorset does have a grocery store
  • Extra Plastic Garbage Bags
  • Toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, a little dish detergent, paper towels etc.
  • Insect repellent, flashlights, wooden matches, an ax to chop kindling
  • Fishing gear
  • BBQ & Charcoal, extra lawn chairs, Radio
  • Portable/ personal DVD player if you want to watch movies in your unit